Can you overcome them?

We present Switch Link, a pack of 3 games that adapt to the player.
• Emotion
• Lucky
• Passion
Switch Link consists of 3 games, "PASSION" a game for experienced players, "LUCKY" for daring players, "EMOTION" a smooth and relaxing game.
In any of the games you can enter the special bonus "SWITCH DRAW" when the central cell of each card is marked. In the draw you can win up to 10 free extra balls and enter the two bonuses, SWITCH BONUS and SWITCH TOUCH.
The player will be able to win game tokens with prizes, tokens with the prizes associated with MINOR and MINI, or one of the two great Jackpots of the game, SUPER and MEGA.
• Two cumulative jackpots, MEGA and SUPER
• Compatible with all O-Games
Only for: